Monday, June 27, 2011


I've been pretty busy for the past two days.

Yesterday (Sunday), I had to attend a family party for my cousin's 8th grade graduation. 
Ate some food, played some frisbee, was practically interviewed by all of my aunts and uncles...
(I'm not a fan of family parties. At all.)

And then today (Monday), we had to bring my grandma's car back to her. She was away for the weekend and so she let me borrow it so that I could get to work and back without my parents having to drive me. 
Oh, the troubles with not owning your own car.
Later I went on an adventure walk with my good friend Lindsey
We made sure to take lots of pictures and act as childish as we possibly could.
Afterwards we stopped at the local beach and had a nice, long serious talk about life and people and such. 

[ Lindsey, me ]
[ me ]
[ Lindsey ]
Standing on frolfing pins!
[ me ]
So a pretty decent day to follow a not-so-decent one!

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