Friday, June 24, 2011

Back on Track

I've been really confused lately. 
It's been one of those things where your mind makes something up to be a lot better than it actually would be and you have to fight with it, in a way. 

Here, say you want ice cream. You can pick between chocolate and vanilla. You usually get chocolate ice cream, because vanilla makes you feel a little sick, but the vanilla just looks so refreshing today. As you're trying to figure out which you want, the vanilla ice cream keeps taking over all your thoughts and you start believing that it could actually be better than chocolate. You think about it for a while longer, but then realize that you really don't want vanilla ice cream after all. You were just caught up in the "what if?" of it all. You just like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla, simple as that. It was just a fluke in your thinking. 

Maybe that didn't make any sense at all. Oh well. 

Anyways, I finally figured everything out, and I'm super ecstatic about it. 
As the title says, I'm back on track
Things are finally making sense again and I'm a lot let stressed than I was. 

Here's a picture I took while my family and I went on a bike ride that I think kind of
relates to the current situation. 
Light through the darkness! Huzzah!
I hope you had a great Friday as well. 

Have you been dealing with anything confusing lately? I love to hear other people's stories. 

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