Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Glee Project

Let it be known, I'm a total Gleek.
This means that I'm suffering from some serious Glee withdrawals at the moment. 
BUT, it can all be cured by a little show called The Glee Project.
Found [ here ].
12 people were picked out of thousands to be contenders on the show. Whoever wins will get a 7 episode guest role on Glee. 
Cool beans? Very.

Now, there are 2 reasons why I'm super psyched about this show (besides that it's filling the gaping hole in my heart that Glee left when it ended for the summer!):

1. I personally know one of the contestants!
Ellis Wylie actually went to my high school and was in my graduating class! It's so surreal seeing someone on television that I had been going to school with for years. Every time she was on the screen, my mom and I would squeal and shake our fists in the air out of celebration. 
Ellis is such a great singer, a true individual and I think she has a real shot at making it far in the show. 
Like her Facebook page [ here ] and send her some love!

2. One of the contestants has officially made it onto my list of celebrity crushes.
Other members of this list include Robert Pattinson and Enrique Iglesias. But the boys are going to have to make some room for Samuel Larsen (you should like his Facebook page, too).
I've always been a big fan of dreadlocks. I think they're fascinating and very cool looking. 
So mixing dreadlocks with a fiercely attractive face and throw in a great voice and some cool clothes?
I just really appreciate looking at him. And listening to him.

The show is really great. The first episode was a bit awkward, but I think once the season really gets going, it'll surely be a hit. 

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