Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Saturday Squeeze

1. This video is breathtaking. I love the clouds.

2. Moustaches really do make all the difference.

3. Feeling down? These basset hounds will definitely get you giggling.

4. Take a close look at these bodypaintings. I still can't get over how realistic it looks and how I get goosebumps when they show the painted person surrounded by the real world.

5. A simple meal, this sandwich not only looks delicious, but can be beneficial to your health! I'm starting to get a little hungry...

6. This So You Think You Can Dance dance is so fierce, and so are the dancers!

7. It's my new life dream to date a unicorn.

8. I wish I had this sleep suit. I already take naps everywhere, so this would just make it all easier.

9. I can has necklace?

10. These words, I think, are very true

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