Thursday, June 16, 2011

Polished Nails, Please

I'm painting my nails right now (which makes it a little hard to type...).
I like to keep my nails painted for 3 reasons:

1. I think it just adds some personality and pizazz to hands. There's a fair amount of information you can get about someone just by looking at how they have their nails painted. 
2. I find it relaxing to paint my own nails.
3. I borrowed my friend's green nail polish about two months ago. It was a pretty and springy grass green color. When I took it off, though, I found that the pretty and springy color had left my nails tinted a horrible yellow color. So, now I keep my nails painted so that people don't think I have an awkward fungus or infection.

Usually I just paint my nails one color (black, white, purple, pink). I've tried adding some designs but they never really work out the way I want them to. 
But it's always fun to imagine!

So here's some totally awesome nail art to get you inspired:
Lovin' the zebra print!
source ]
What a delicious blue.
source ]
Some very feminine bows and hearts.
source ]
Shout out to my soda drinkers.
source ]
Monsters Inc. nails! So adorable!
source ]

Happy painting!


  1. want them monser inc nails!:O i don't have enough of n.polish colors for that though x'<

  2. Oh gosh, I do, too! Haha I don't either. Sad day. It's still fun to dream, though!


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