Saturday, July 2, 2011


Newfound love?
[ I guess it's also called "Crackle". It depends on what brand you buy. ]

My mom recently picked this up for me at the store and I tried it for the first time today.
Here's how mine turned out!
Now I just want to shatter everything.
My toenails, my mom's nails, my brothers' nails, my dog's nails, the walls...

For being so unique, it's super easy to do.
Just paint your nails [white, black, whatever] and then paint over them with the shatter color!
Boom, you're done.

Here are some other cool examples of this new trend:
Use different base colors!
source ]
Black and gold, super glam.
source ]
Blue on blue, perfect for summer!
source ]
You should totally try this new look.
Peace. Love. Shatter.

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