Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Saturday Squeeze

I was perusing the internet, and I landed on a picture of a bedspread that I loved. 
So this week's Saturday Squeeze is going to be an array of bedspreads!

Beds are a big part of our lives, for just being a simple piece of furniture. A lot happens there.
Rejuvenating your body by sleeping, sex, thinking, reading, life talks, snuggling, drawing, etc. 
If we spend so much time there, why not make it pretty?!

1. I absolutely love the colors and ruffles.

2. Have a special place in your heart for Alice and Wonderland? Then this one's for you.

3. Always been a fan of plants on bedspreads.

4. Oh hey there, huge orchid. Nice to see you've found a bed.

5. These yellow flowers will definitely wake you up and make you feel instantly refreshed.

And I also apologize that there's only 5 items listed today.
I've been having a really discouraging day and it was a long day at work.

Maybe I should just sleep it off!
If only I had a bedspread like one of these...

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