Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Saturday Squeeze

1. This dance is way too fierce to be shown on television. [ Just kidding, I want to see more. ]

2. Woah, more dancing! Except now we leave it up to Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. [ I can't help but laugh whenever I see this. ]

3. Let's all hug and stay alive!

4. A happy video of animals stealing things.

5. Loving the use of negative space! Especially the second one, with the deer.

6. Adding a pop of color to your day.

8. Part of me wants to buy one of these, keep it secret, and then run around in it and nobody will ever know it was me.

9. Oh, yes he is.

10. I wonder how long it took them to make this...

Happy Saturday! Have a good one!

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