Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bathing Suits, Birthdays, and Beautiful Drives

I know, I know, I missed the Saturday Squeeze yesterday.
But I had legitimate reasoning!

One of my best friends, Sam, invited me over to her house to swim in her pool and celebrate her birthday!

It was super hot outside, so the pool was absolutely perfect. 

Happy people in a pool.
Sam & me.
It was so nice to catch up on our lives and everything, since we haven't seen each other in weeks. It's so hard to go from living next door to someone in a dorm to living in two different cities.

Then we went out to dinner with Sam's friend and boyfriend to celebrate Sam's birthday. The food was great, everyone was happy, and it was all-around a good time. 
I slept at Sam's house and we spent the morning talking to her mom and just hanging out. 

Driving to and from Sam's house is always lovely because the ride is so scenic and it takes you over hills and through fields and farms.
The weather was perfection.
I had the windows rolled down and music blasting.

You know how there's some music that's just perfect for driving on a nice day? It was like my iPod knew exactly what I wanted to hear. 
It's the kind of time where you reflect on your life and what you want to do with it. It's inspirational and it's refreshing.
It's perfect.

3 of My Favorite Driving-With-The-Windows-Down Songs:

"I Woke Up in a Car" by Something Corporate
[ So here I am. ]

"If I Die Young" by The Band Perry
[ Just too beautiful to not listen to. ]

"You Can Breathe" by Jack's Mannequin
[ You can breathe now. ]

It was one of those times where you hold your hand out the window and let the wind slip through your fingers.
Just to feel.

Like I said, it was perfect.

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